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Smartlook Analytics



Established in 2013 by a team of seasoned marketing research professionals, Smartlook Analytics is dedicated to delivering top-notch neuroscience services that adhere to the highest scientific and professional standards.

Our mission is to equip clients with groundbreaking methodologies that empower them to make well-informed marketing decisions, grounded in accurate, dependable, and unbiased insights into their customers' perceptions of advertising, shopping experiences, and user interactions.
Embrace the future of marketing with Smartlook Analytics – where innovation meets reliability, and objective data drives success.

Some of Our Customers


Some of our neuroscience research has been published in the press.

Generation Z Research Report

Z Generetion Report
Z Generetion Report
Z Generetion Report

Yapı Kredi Bank Mobile Banking Study

Our neuroscience study for Denizbank won the Gartner Eye on Innovation Award.


Restaurant Neuroscience Study 


Marketing Turkiye magazine has published our neuroscience shopper study.

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