Smartlook Analytics evaluates your advertisement performance with neuroscience services for better understanding

Key Outputs of Neuro Test

  • Go / No Go decision for your marketing materials. 

  • Which element of your advertisement get more engagement or reduce engagement

  • Evaluation for your brand and key messages position.

  • How to get better engagement.

How to Neuro Test

Testing Software

Your marketing materials (print, TVC, outdoor etc.) will upload to our testing software. We will define and design a specific test plan for your marketing targets.

Data Collection

Participants will watch your adverts while they wear our equipment (Eye Tracking, EEG and GSR). Data will be collected from the participants in sync.


The results reports are ready in a few days. Each report contains:

  • Summary

  • Eye Tracking and Key Metrics Data

  • Actionable recommendations

We can test

TV Commercial

Online Ads

Print & Outdoor

Concept Tests


Pre / Post Tests

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